Heavenly Bodies / Your Eyelashes On-fire / Fabric of the Spacetime is an enquiry on the boundaries of self, time and space, and the human experience.

The conceptual and graphic research works towards expressing the condition of inhabiting a holistic-pluralism: a continuum flux in which everything is an oneness made of multitudes; each part of the multitude, with a different level of awareness of its whole. Everything is distinct, yet equivalent at its core - like matter itself, which only differentiates for its property of arrangement. 

Considering image-making like an imperfect human-made wormhole - a hypothetical structure of the fabric of the space-time that connects two points that are separated in space and time-  a material summoning of the assemblage of reality; one of the new possible tools to make sense of a world in which not only the planet is post-human, but so are we. The question posed is: in a universe interconnected at its widest and most minuscule scale, where and how do we belong?  The photographic becomes the compass to navigate the spacetime.

Aaron Freeman explains why you want a physicist to speak at your funeral, how you need no faith to know that the energy is never lost. You can scientifically measure how each and every bit of you is not gone but, according to the law of the conservation of energy, you’re just less orderly. However, would it really be of comfort to your dear ones and - if all we are is a coat of armour made of flesh, bones and nerves appointed to contain, for a little while, a fragment of energy from the cosmos - does it really matter? 

The aim of this artwork is to help breach those reasonings that lead us to see the past as something finalised, and the future as something that either belongs exclusively to us or does not belong to us as at all. Rooted in the belief that we need to embrace matter and meaning not as two separate entities which coexist, rather as components of a whole which cannot be parted.